Roll Forging Research Institute

      Roll Forging Research Institute of JilinUniversity (former JilinUniversity of technology) was formally founded in 1979, is a second-class institute of the former Ministry of Machine Building of China. It was authorized in 1990 by the State Degree Commission as a unit qualified to confer doctor degree in the major of Pressure Processing. The institute is the exclusive unit in China which specially engages in researches on rotary forming technologies such as roll forging, transverse-wedge rolling and so on. In recent years, the institute set up additionally some new research areas such as dieless forming, cold-warm precision plastic forming, precision and high effectiveness manufacturing and achieved fruitful research effects.

     There are 39 faculty members in the institute currently, including 8 full professors (5 doctorate supervisors), 11 associate professors, 2 senior engineer,6 lecturers, 5  engineers and 6 technicians and workers. The institute owns more than 20 sets of metal forming and experimental equipment such as roll-forging mill, roll-forging test table, transverse rolling machine, Multi-point forming press, cold-forging mechanical press, precision punch, screw press and connecting rod splitting equipment. The institute also has over 10 experimental sets such as 3-D measuring machine, laser-measuring machine, photoelastic measuring meter etc.

     So far, the institute has completed over 80 state-level and provincial and ministerial level projects, among them 3 projects are from the Key Technology R&D Programme, 1 project is from the National High Technology Research and Development Programme of China (863 Programme), 3 projects are from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 projects are from the Innovating Funds for Middle and Small Enterprises, 2 projects are from the National Torch Programme of China, 2 projects are from the National Science and Technology Achievements Spreading Programme of China, 3 projects are from the Special Research Funds for Doctoral Degree Granting Major of High Education. The institute has won over 30 awards, including 5 state-level prizes, 4 first-class prizes of provincial and ministerial level and 10 second-class prizes of provincial and ministerial level. Since 1983,4 academic monographs and more than 200 research papers have been published, and over 30 of the papers are cited in SCI, EI and ISTP. Since 1986,the institute has already cultivated 54 graduated students, 18 doctoral candidates.

      While undertaking high-level science research, the institute has many research projects that are facing the requirements of national economy, serving basic industries. Moreover, It pays a great attention to the research achievement transfer. Up till now, the institute has established extensive cooperation with near 100 factories in more than 20 provinces and cities of China. Over 30 production lines were built and large amount of economic and social benefits have been created.

      Now there are more than 10 on-going projects in the institute including projects from the 863 high-Tech programme, Key Technology R&D Programme and the National Natural Science Foundation of China etc. There are also 35 graduate students for master degree and 12 for doctor degree in the institute.

Research Fields

At present, the research fields of the Institute include following aspects:

  1. Rotary plastic processing;
  2. Theory, technology and equipment of dieless Multi-point forming of sheet metal;
  3. Technology and equipment of precision and high effectiveness manufacturing;
  4. Cold-warm precision plastic forming;
  5. Numerical simulation and modeling of plastic processing;
  6. New-style forging equipment and automation.

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